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Alumni Network

Taking part in the Essential Programme leaves an imprint on an individual.  An identity built upon the experience encountered throughout a year.  The way in which life is shaped, spirit honed and vocational trajectory set. And it’s an identity shared with a much wider group who's lives became temporarily, yet intensely intertwined with one another.  An identity that is broader still than the Essential Student's 'yearbook' but one that embraces every single gap year student who has been part of the Timothy Programme or Essential over the past 23 years.

This group is our alumni and we want to share with them.

The Latin noun alumnus means 'Foster son, pupil' and is derived from the verb alere meaning 'to nourish'.  An alumnus or alumna are male or female (respectively) graduates of a school, college, or university.  The concept is one we would seek to adopt for those individuals who have previously completed a year or more with the Essential Programme or, previous to 2006, the Timothy Programme.

We believe that identity within alumni is something to celebrate and aspire to.

It is the 'tribe' that we want to connect to and we do connect with.

Bob Marley sang that 'in this bright future you can't forget your past'.  We want to develop a culture within the Essential Programme where our future is envisioned through the lens of our past. We believe that investment in our alumni pays respect to this past and will help us in shaping the future... for our programme, for our movement and for the Kingdom.

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The Essential Alumni network is being developed over the coming months to gather together a group of people with a shared identity.  If you are interested in being involved or have ideas as to how we can bring people together then drop us a line on