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Are you moving up to secondary school?

We’ve reached that time of year when the summer holidays are fast approaching and thoughts are starting to focus on all things new including a new school year!

Moving to secondary school can be both exciting and scary. It’s the start of a brand new journey; new friends to make, new subjects to learn, new opportunities and experiences. Maybe you can’t wait to get there, or maybe you are feeling a bit sad and nervous about the ‘big move’.

Many of us at ALOVE can still remember moving up to secondary school. We remember how important and helpful our faith was during this time of big change. Our church community, Christian friends, guidelines for holy living in the Bible and our own personal relationship with Jesus helped us embrace and enjoy our first year at secondary school to the max!

If you are making the move to secondary school or know someone that is then make sure you check out our Moving Up… to secondary school resource. There is also a leader’s guide to help those that work with young people in this age group as they go through this exciting and sometimes challenging time.

Find out more about this resource here!

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