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The Campaign

In the last couple of weeks, a few American politicians have announced that will be standing in the presidential elections. The election day they are standing in is still 18 months away, that means the election campaign is 18 months long! Suddenly the two months of TV debates, constant interviews and Facebook posts that we have had in the lead up to the General Election doesn't seem that bad.

What makes a good campaign? Many I guess would say it's all about winning, and therefore the winner had the best campaign, but what about those standing in safe seats for a party that won't win? For them a good campaign might be getting a slightly higher percentage of the vote, or it might be getting more people passionate about the issues they care about.

The one thing every campaign tends to have is mistakes. Many candidates will make spelling mistakes, say something in the wrong way, or even accidentally insult someone. What do they do then? They might correct the mistake, apologise or do something to put it right. It's important that we recognise that everyone makes mistakes, whoever the prime minister happens to be there is every chance they will make errors, our local MP won't always do the right thing. It's the same in life, those in leadership around us are not perfect and will mess up because like us they are human.

We all mess up! It’s what we do when we realise we've messed up that matters. It's often a case of saying sorry, and accepting that when we make mistakes we can end up hurting those nearest to us. By forgiving those who make mistakes and asking for forgiveness for our errors, we can move on with our campaign.

What is our campaign? I guess the vast majority of us are not standing for parliament, so what might our campaign be? You might say for ALOVE the campaign is our calling “We are calling the ALOVE movement to dynamic faith, radical lifestyle, adventurous mission and a fight for justice.” We do this through the four essentials (worship, discipleship, mission and social action). But what does this actually look like?

For different people it means different things. A dynamic faith with a radical lifestyle for some might mean being part of the worship team, it could be taking a leadership role in church activities, for others it could be turning up to school or college and talking about your faith to others. A fight for justice for some might mean working for the church, for others it will be taking part in I'll Fight Day, and for others it might be putting some money in a charity tin. At different times in our lives that calling means different things.

What does “dynamic faith, radical lifestyle, adventurous mission and a fight for justice” mean to you?

If that's your campaign statement, what would winning look like?

What could you do over the next few days to live out that calling?

Who could you talk to about Jesus over the next few days?

Written by Damien Laverty

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