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Choices - The General Election and Me

If someone was to look back at every choice you've made in the past five years, how would they feel? Could you defend every choice you've made? Right now that's exactly what is happening to every MP who is standing for re-election in their local area. They are expected to be able to explain the way they have voted in parliament, and to prove they have represented their local area during the last five years. Not everyone will agree with the choices they have made, and everyone they meet on the campaign trail will have different views on life, and different party alliances. While some MPs may not be too worried about the choices they have made, because they are in a safe seat, others in marginal seats will spend the next few weeks desperately trying to convince people that they voted in the right way.

How should your MP have voted?

How do you feel they should vote on issues like the NHS, tuition fees, welfare, and the economy? What about Europe?

You could ask 100 people those questions and you'd get 100 different responses. While two people might agree on issues around the NHS, they might disagree on the UK's relationship with the European Union. It's these opinions that form our vote in an election. Even if you are not able to vote in this election as you are not old enough yet, it's still important that you consider these things, as whoever is elected will be representing you, and therefore it's important that you have your say and let them know about the things that matter to you!

My faith plays a large part in how I will vote next month. My faith means I care about creating a fairer society. I'm also passionate about caring for those who are ill, and I care about the rights of young people leaving care. I want an MP who will stand up for those in need and those who can not stand up for themselves, because that's what Jesus did. I want an MP who will always do the right thing, even when it's not popular. How does your faith play a part in what you believe and how you'd vote?

Did you know you can see your MPs voting record on key issues at or see a full breakdown at  It was here that I realised that I disagreed with my MP on many issues. Why don't you have a look at your MPs record, and find out what you agree with them on, and where you disagree. This will also help you find out what issues you are passionate about. If you find something on their voting record that you disagree with you could try to get answers on why they voted that way (most MPs have a Twitter or Facebook account). And finally why not pray for all the men and women standing for election this year. It takes a lot of bravery to stand in an election as everything you do or say is questioned, so I am sure that they will appreciate support in prayer.

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Written by Damien Laverty

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