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David Luiz

‘My faith gives me the belief that I can go out and perform and improve as a player. It gives me strength and inspiration’ David Luiz

Two or three times a year I go along to watch my football team….the pride of London….Chelsea FC. It can be a fairly frustrating place to watch football at times, as is customary now at Stamford Bridge most opposition teams have no intention of scoring and instead opt to ‘park the bus’ in front of the Chelsea goal. One game I went to see was typically like this, with the Chelsea forward line having no space or luck in front of goal…until, Chelsea’s unmistakable (due to his curly locks) charismatic centre back David Luiz, goes on one of his often cavalier runs, except this time he makes more progress than usual exchanging a 1-2 with a team mate, to then rifle a 25 yarder in the oppositions top corner.

You may not be surprised to know that this Brazilian is a passionate follower of Jesus, and he’s not afraid to let you know. Whether through his regular ‘Jesus tweets’ or his pointing to the heavens with eyes closed whenever coming on or leaving the pitch, this guy wants the world to know that his faith is everything to him. But it was one evening in October where Luiz really caught my eye. It is no secret that Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has not enjoyed the greatest of times at Chelsea, and his confidence clearly had been shaken. David Luiz was moved to act and before kick off in the middle of the pitch, put his hands on Torres’ head and shoulder and prayed for his team mate with the world watching. It was a powerful image and got me thinking how important it is to come alongside friends and family and support them when things aren’t going well. For the first time in months Torres ended up scoring in that game and I’d like to think that Luiz’s encouragement as his team mate put Torres in the right frame of mind, and gave him confidence in his undoubted ability.

Written by Dave Cotterill - ALOVE's Programme Development Manager

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Submitted by Matthew Girlign on
Awesome, I'm going to share this with the children at our kids' club this friday. We're doing a world cup focus each week and I'm running out of ideas so thanks!

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