The Salvation Army for a new generation

A Fair Trade Youth Group

This resource provides you with four weeks of material looking into the subject of fair trade and delving into issues surrounding the ‘fair trade movement’. We will be challenged on how we spend our money, our lifestyle, relationships and our legacy (what we’ll ultimately leave behind!). We hope that these sessions will spark young activists into creating change.

This resource includes the following:

Week 1 – Fair trade: An introduction
A basic outline of the fair trade movement and what it seeks to achieve. We will look at how this fits in as part of our discipleship journey.

Week 2 – Global Issue, Local Action
‘Ubuntu’ means ‘I am because we are’. We look at how the choices we make and the actions we take in our everyday lives affect our global neighbours.

Week 3 – Generosity
What does the Bible tell us about being generous with our money? Can buying fair trade products help us to get into living and giving generously?

Week 4 – Pass It On
We are challenged to think about what legacy we are leaving and what examples we are setting for the next generation.

Fair trade toolkit

At the end of the four weeks of material you will find a catalogue of articles, resources and links that can aid your continued education into this subject. The toolkit is designed to provide you with ideas on how to promote this issue within your wider community.

We are here to support you as leaders as you look into this subject with your young people. We hope that through the resources we have made available you will be able to fuel a thirst for justice and enable them to take action.

Make sure you keep in touch to tell us how your young people are taking action. Email us, tweet us or post on Facebook with your pictures, stories and questions. We will make sure that your stories are shared with the wider Salvation Army.