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Top 10 Funding Tips

1. Do your homework. Funders have to reject a large number of the applications they receive because the applicants didn’t read the guidance properly – so speak to the funder!

2. Be aware of deadlines and give yourself enough time to fill in the application.

3. Ask for help – there is lots of help there for you, including the funders themselves. Do speak to the Fundraising Department, ALOVE team and your Division. No-one will do it all for you, but there are many people able to offer you advice and support.

4. Don’t forget, funders know NOTHING about your project – if you don’t tell them, they won’t know. Be clear about what you want to do and why you want the money.

5. Be clear and concise – try and describe your project on 2 sides of an A4 sheet. Use a clear project title. Tell the funders why there is a need for your project, what you are going to do, and how it will make a difference. Be realistic and practical.

6. Show that you have done your sums properly - a project budget is vital to show you have thought it through and are giving the funder good value for their money (including management and administrative costs).

7. Make sure you are ready for success. If you have always run your project with volunteers, have you got plans for recruiting and managing a staff team?  Can you evaluate your project?

8. Have a checklist of everything you need. Many funders will ask for accounts, annual reports, child protection, insurance and HR policies etc.

9. Proof read your application and ask someone else to check it too.

10. Mix and Match your funders – you probably won’t get all the money you need from one funder, but small amounts from different funders add up.  Make up a ‘shopping list’ of all things you need, so funders can see the type and level of help you require.

If you are looking for funding and want to discuss this then contact the ALOVE team ( and we will be happy to assist you.