The Salvation Army for a new generation


I always think there is something really amazing about an African group singing. So when I saw a video of the Ghana football team singing and worshiping before a huge African nations match against Egypt, you can imagine my excitement.  And this wasn’t a one off event.  As I searched for more videos, there are loads of videos of the team celebrating and worshiping after qualifying for the World Cup and even when arriving at an airport. Unfortunately I don’t speak Twi (Ghana’s most spoken language aside from English), however I was able to find out roughly some of the lyrics from this video…

‘God is our greatest helper’

...they sing, and what a testimony that is. Yes we know that God is likely not to prefer and help one team over another (despite some of my frantic 89th minute prayers in recent years), but they were calling on a God that would bless them and help them be the best players and team mates and to play the beautiful game the way God would want them to play it… with love, grace, integrity and fairness. I guess it’s not a bad idea that wherever we are whether we are playing football, at work or school to call upon that same God to help us be the best students, friends, builders, accountants etc. in order that we live life the way God wants us to live. Hopefully people will see some of the characteristics of God in us, and in doing so get a glimpse of God for themselves. Thank you ‘The Black Stars’!



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