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Salvation Army churches will be posing the challenge to their congregation this year to ‘Go Deeper’. They will be exploring this challenge in lots of different ways and so we at ALOVE will be featuring a monthly blog spot that will help us look at the theme of ‘Going Deeper’ and will explore how this can be, and is relevant to us.  

The idea of going deeper can conjure up a number of feelings; excitement, maybe fear, or perhaps even uncertainty.

You can fall deeper in love with someone.

In an adventure, action or horror film there always seems to come a point where the character needs to make a decision to go deeper into a wooded area, or deeper into a potentially problematic situation, making themselves more vulnerable.

Divers go deeper into the sea in search of lost treasures or more exotic life.

In all these activities there seems to be an element of risk, perhaps even danger and yet deeper they go.

Let me tell you this; going deeper in our Christian lives can also yield these sorts of emotions and results. As we begin going deeper in our faith, we can question what we are doing, anxiety and fear kick in. We can be uncertain of what we may face or what may change in our lives. In actual fact, we may be happy just where we are, risk free and safe.

Just like the characters in films edging deeper into a forest, we may feel vulnerable and feel like we’re moving away from our comfort zone. However, unless we take the risk of going deeper, we will never discover the gifts that God has in store for us. Deep sea divers would never discover hidden treasures if they stayed snorkelling at the surface and we would never feel the true benefits of being loved and being in love if we do not go deeper with our relationships.

You see my friends; going deeper in our personal faith helps us to explore new and exciting things and we open our eyes to a more enriching way of life.  What our Christian faith has over the other illustrations I have used is that we will never ever go so deep that we reach the end. The majesty and mystery of our God is such that there will always be more for us to discover, and greater treasures to find.

So in 2013 let’s go deeper.  

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