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Hello, my name is Rach and I am a member of the ALOVE team based in the North West region. I am going to be sharing some thoughts with you this month on the topic of ‘Reaching Up – Reaching Out through the word of God’.

I can’t believe we are now entering February, Christmas feels such long time ago! I am one of those people who really love a New Year as it is an opportunity to draw a line under the past and start afresh with the belief of a year of hope and promise to come. I decided this year I wanted to do something new each month, by setting myself small challenges or to just simply do something new. My housemate and I have a whiteboard in the kitchen and each week we write a Bible verse on it and try to learn it, we also add notes of encouragement to each other as well as adding little things like ‘how many sleeps to our next holiday’ etc. 

So for January I excitedly started a ‘new things to do in 2014’ section on our whiteboard. The first thing I wrote down was to start a new hobby. Being quite a busy person I did wonder to myself whether I can really fit that in but I was determined to take time to do something new. I decided I wanted to learn to knit as I thought that would be a nice thing to do with the added bonus that it would sort all of my Christmas presents for this year: scarves, hats, jumpers – yes probably ambitious but I tend to dream big. Well, I started and after four hours I had knitted four or five lines, in my head I kept telling myself the steps, then suddenly I would go wrong and I’d drop a stitch. There was the initial panic of ‘I don’t know how to fix it’ and ‘I’ll have to start again’. When you have been at it for hours and nothing that looks anything slightly like a scarf is materialising, there is a feeling of wanting to give up and the fear of not wanting to start again as ‘I might go wrong again’ and ‘it’s too much effort’ for too little result. Then the ‘teacher’ or ‘mentor’ or simply your friend comes along and shows you how to fix it, to pick up the stitch and gets you going again.

In learning this new skill it made me think of what is it we should be knitting into our communities this year and beyond. I am reminded of the importance of reaching up by taking hold of the Bible, making it accessible to others and reaching out to my community by building new relationships. What could you be knitting into your community this year or even more specifically throughout the month of February? How about setting yourself a small challenge of something you can do or change. There is so much power in God’s word and the potential for it to be knitted in so many ways within our local community; the great thing with this way of knitting is that God is there so we won’t ever drop a stich. 

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