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Join the campaign for Traffik Free Chocolate!

Our friends at Stop the Traffik are busy campaigning and they need your help...

Over a third of the cocoa that makes the world's chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast, Africa. It's highly likely that the beans that make your favourite chocolate bar come from here. Thousands of boys as young as 10 years old are trafficked from countries like Mali and Burkina Faso to pick and harvest cocoa beans in Cote D'Ivoire. Their freedom is taken and they are forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions on the cocoa plantations without receiving any money for their work. Urgent action is needed!

Mondelez International are the largest chocolate company in the world (owners of the Cadbury, Milka and Toblerone brands to name just a few!). Call on Mondelez International to take action to end trafficking within the cocoa supply chain.



2.GET WRITING! Order a stack of campaign postcards and get your friends, family and community to join this campaign. Order here:

We plan to collect thousands of postcards over the next few months and deliver them to Mondelez’s head office in Chicago in one big special delivery on 2nd December (International day for the Abolition of Slavery).

3.MAKE A NOISE ON TWITTER. Help get the message out to thousands of people joining the Thunderclap. JOIN NOW:

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