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Southwark Youth

Every month we will be featuring a different youth project. We are going to use this space to flag up some of the amazing stuff that is happening in the UK territory and also hopefully encourage others in their youth ministry!

This month the focus is on the wonderful youth workers and young people of Southwark Salvation Army. Keep reading to find out about the area, their young people’s provision and some tasters as to what they get up to!

From the team at Southwark…

Setting the scene

The Salvation Army have been working within Southwark for over 45 years, during which time we have built strong links and identified local needs, hopes and also the great potential of the community. Our programmes are designed to meet these needs and to empower local people to build a more positive future in this particularly deprived borough .

Our Young People’s Services

We provide a number of positive sessions for young people - safe spaces where they can share new experiences, learn skills and get involved in meaningful activities while finding supportive relationships and accessing information & advice. We have evidence that participating in these sessions increases young people’s confidence, boosts their self-esteem and ignites their passion for learning; enabling them to make well informed life choices and look forward to a more positive future.

What do the Young People’s Services Include?

  • A Friday night drop-in youth club
  • A girls group
  • Homework club
  • Activ8 – Health and Fitness club
  • Life Group Discipleship Group
  • Holiday Projects
  • Enterprise Projects
  • Mentoring


A little bit of information about the Girls Group…

Every Friday after school we run a focus group for 20 girls, exploring topics such as self-esteem, relationships, sexual health, faith, social justice and much more. This term the girls have been looking into women’s rights in modern society – starting with a study on Malala Yusefzai’s protest for education in Pakistan and moving on to discussing women’s portrayal in the media in 21st century Britain. The group have been carrying out a successful campaign to petition for the pornographic magazines in local shops to be covered up. We have seen a significant increase in the girls confidence and motivation, and they are exited to find they have a voice in their community.

About Life Group...

As part of the discipleship process, we have been working with a group of 6 boys who are passionate about rap music and are keen to learn skills in production, writing and performing. In the past the boys have been very influenced by mainstream and also local gang rap music, which in turn has had a negative impact on their views and attitudes towards violence, relationships, racism and their own self-esteem.

We ran a number of informal workshops and studio residential weekend with the boys to explore the cultures behind rap music and challenge the way they wrote. We encouraged them to write about issues that were real to them and use their music to celebrate and speak out on things they were passionate about. Together the boys produced new tracks and wrote & recorded their own lyrics. Whilst working in partnership with the local Southside Studio we invited the boys to write a new track together to perform at the Salvation Army’s 100th Year Anniversary Congress. They wrote about issues of social justice and things that were affecting their communities, as well as their personal commitment to work towards solutions for these needs. They proudly performed the track at the Royal Albert Hall to a capacity congregation!

Check out their muscial talents below!


Are you keen to share your exciting youth work projects and stories? Email as we would love to hear from you!  

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