The Salvation Army for a new generation

Student Work Provision

Student work is something that you might have been doing at your corps/church for a long time, or it might be something that you are looking at starting. In either case, this resource aims to enable you to start out in student ministry or enhance what you are already doing.
We will explain the current landscape of the student world and give you ideas for connecting with students. As Salvation Army churches you have a unique place in a city or town and will attract a unique set of students – those who have been brought up in Salvation Army churches, those from other church backgrounds and those with no church background at all.

This resource will also introduce you to Student Linkup, Fusion’s free service that connects students with church and church with students. To access Student Linkup, your corps signs up as a Fusion Connection Church. You can then log in to the Fusion website and contact a list of freshers coming to the university near you. You also get a church page on the Fusion website and Student Linkup app that advertises you as a student-friendly church. We want to shout about yourself to students, so I hope you will join us!

Download the resource, have a read and get in touch if you have any questions. If you would like a printed copy of Student Work Provision then please just email with your name and address.