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Want to get qualified? Need some more 'on the job' training? ALOVE has a number of training and work placement opportunities for youth workers. The Salvation Army employs a large number of youth workers as well as working with hundreds of volunteer youth workers serving in local Salvation Army centres. These youth workers and volunteers engage with young people on a regular basis through music groups, clubs, mentoring, one-to-one discipleship, small groups and corporate worship. ALOVE wants to ensure that all those who work with young people are trained and supported in their roles and therefore have and are continuing to develop a range of training resources and opportunities for all those involved in youth work.

Whether part-time, full-time, paid or voluntary, there is a training opportunity to suit everyone. ALOVE can link you up to a training course that suits your learning style, vocational needs and time/availability - from basic short youth work courses to full professionally qualifying youth work degrees and post-graduate qualifications. ALOVE believes it is important that youth workers at all levels are continually learning and developing their skills and knowledge. ALOVE also supports youth workers to attend national youth work training events such as Youth Work the Conference, Deep Impact Scotland, Youth Work Summit and FORGE: The ALOVE youth worker gathering.

So whether you are already involved, or want to get involved with Salvation Army youth work, we are here to assist you in your development. If you have any questions or training needs then you can contact your Divisional Youth Officer or Jonny Whitmore (ALOVE’s Youth Worker Development Manager) to discuss the best way of getting the support you need.

Funding your training:

If you are a volunteer youth worker and are interested in developing your skills, make sure you check out our volunteer training grant. You can download an application form here.

If you are an employed youth worker or Salvation Army Officer then SISTAD, The Salvation Army’s internal training and development department, are the people who can help you out. Not only do they offer a range of relevant courses they also approve and fund external training courses for employees. ALOVE can support you with your application to SISTAD or can help suggest what might be the best training for you. Why not get in touch with Jonny Whitmore to discuss this –