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Why not try our cell material?

As many people have started back or are gearing up for heading back to school for a new year then this could be a great opportunity to launch something new or refresh your current Bible study group.

We provide monthly cell material here on our website that is suitable for teenage cell groups.  Each month we post four sessions of material for you to be able to download and use with your group. We follow a theme throughout the year and unpack loads of relevant and challenging content that will help young people think about their faith, how they express it and how they can impact others.

If you are new to running a cell group then there is also a guide to get you started on our cell material page too. We have lots of backdated material for you to use so you will never be short of content! 

Follow the link to have a search of what we have on offer and if you have any questions then please just get in touch. 

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Submitted by Susan Harris on
Looking to start something like a youth alpha at the corps in Knowle West, Bristol. Advice needed over material to use

Submitted by ALOVE on
Hi Susan, thanks for getting in touch. Are you looking at doing this with young people already connected to the corps and possibly already have a faith or more as an outreach initiative with young people to share Christianity with them? It will just help for knowing the best things to recommend. Thanks, Hannah

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