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World Cup - The Business End

For the first time ever, the quarter finals are made up of all 8 group winners. This statistic may seem to suggest that the best teams have walked their way through the tournament. However, this is far from the case.

The last 16 games had everything in them. Last minute goals, dodgy penalties, unbelievable technical skill and of course the dreaded penalty shoot outs. Personally from the eight games only Colombia stood out as playing well enough to win the tournament but with Brazil in the quarters it will be the hardest game they have experienced so far.

The other three quarter finals are mouthwatering, especially the all European affair of Germany and France. France who seem to be scoring goals for fun and a German team who have by no means hit their peak. Prior to the tournament the Germans were one of the favourites but I think they will struggle with the dynamism that the French have, especially from midfield. Costa Rica who have surprised everyone to get here face a Dutch team with Arjen Robben in frightening form and simply because of this the Netherlands will have too much for the Costa Ricans. Much like the Germans, the Argentinians have been far from their best will face a Belgian side high on confidence after dispatching a highly impressive American outfit.

Brazil. If they do manage to beat Colombia and the tournament’s top scorer in James Rodrigez (or is it Hames? I still can’t work it out) will have beaten two South American powerhouses that surely could have been in with a shout of winning it if they hadn’t met the host nation and favourites. The tears of Neymar after the penalty shoot out against Chile showed the pressure they are under to perform and the sentimental moment when David Luiz was praying for Neymar showed the bond these players have with each other as well as the spiritual connection they have with God.

What a beautiful game.

Written by our guest World Cup commentator Luke Herbert

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