The Salvation Army for a new generation

Youth Participation Fund

Following two brilliant years, ALOVE has set aside money for ‘The Youth Participation Fund’ for a third time.  If you are a group or individual aged 12 - 24 you can apply for up to £500 to run programmes and activities that you feel passionate about.

This money has been used to equip youth clubs, start worship bands, support youth retreats and a whole host of other fantastic projects. We believe that you are in just the right place to know what you corps, community, school or university needs and so we want to resource you to dream big and take action!

If you want to apply, tell us how the money would be used to develop Worship, Discipleship, Mission or Social Action. You will need the support of your youth leaders, Corps Officers and DYO but this must be YOUR idea and YOU must be prepared to make it a reality. All we ask is that you let us know how you got on, and what impact was made.

Interested? Then apply here…

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