The Salvation Army for a new generation

Youth Worker Resources


Our Gifts Leader's Guide and Youth Workbooks will enable you to help your young people discover, explore and use their Spiritual gifts.

Made To Be

Made To Be offers girls a range of resources designed to help them think about their own identity and specific issues that may be of concern in their own life or the life of a friend.

A Fair Trade Youth Group

This resource contains four weeks of session content and a catalogue of further resources that will help to launch a fair trade youth group

Cell Resources

Monthly Bible study material for you to use with your young people

Student Work Provision

This resource aims to enable you to start out in student ministry or enhance what you are already doing.

We will explain the current landscape of the student world and give you ideas for connecting with students. As Salvation Army churches you have a unique place in a city or town and will attract a unique set of students – those who have been brought up in Salvation Army churches, those from other church backgrounds and those with no church background at all.

This resource will also introduce you to Student Linkup, Fusion’s free service that connects students with church and church with students.

Evaluation Toolkit

Understanding the value of the youth work you deliver and the impact it has on your young people us really valuable in helping you and your church or centre develop its programme for the future and how you involve your young people. This toolkit will provide you with everything you need to undertake effective evaluation. Please email for a copy.

Change Programme

Using the theme of setting up and running a business, CHANGE helps young people to grow in confidence, build up their communication skills and develop aspirations for their future as well as learning valuable basic business skills in research, planning, finance, production and sales. It is ideal for those who are disengaged from school for whatever reason.


STARFISH is a Salvation Army community youth work mentoring project for young people. Its aim is to help young people reach their potential through the establishment of one-to-one mentoring relationships.

Inclusive Youth Ministry Workshop

This workshop has been designed to help the church experience be more inclusive for those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.

Urban Saints Energize Partnership

Our partnership with Urban Saints gives you discounted access to a vast quantity of youth work resources.

Moving Up... To Secondary School

This leaders guide will help you to support young people as they make the transition to secondary school.

Think Positive

This leader's guide will help you to deliver sessions that relate to 'Think Positive - a guide to help you get thinking about healthy positive relationships'